Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation

mental stimulation

Why is mental stimulation important for my pet?

  • Our pets are descendants from wild animals that spent their days foraging for food, searching for shelter and being aware of predators. This exhausts a lot of mental energy. Our pets have pretty cushy lives; they don’t have to look for food or shelter but the natural instinct to do so is still there.
  • Lack of mental stimulation can lead to boredom and anxiety. If you are coming home to chewed furniture and shoes, this may be a sign that your high energy pet is bored and in need of something to do. There are no bad dogs, just bored ones.

How can I provide my pet with mental stimulation?

  • There are many fun ways to exercise your pet’s mind that are not only fun for your pet but are fun for you too!
  • To name a few: obedience training, daily walks (switch up the location so your dog can experience new smells and scenery), doggie daycare, long lasting chews like Krijon Beef Cheeks or Natural Dog Elk Antlers, treat release toys like the Planet Dog Mazee ball, West Paw Qwizl and the Cycle Dog Higher Roller.
  • Treat release toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained while you are away or if your energy level just isn’t matching theirs at the moment. With any toy or chew, we recommend knowing your dog’s chewing/playing style before leaving them unsupervised with treats and toys.
  • Mental stimulation is not just for dogs, cats benefit greatly from this as well. Cats can be clicker trained with the StarMark Training Clicker. Cats also enjoy treat release toys like the Jackson Galaxy Asteroid Puzzle Toy and the Petsafe Egg-cersizer. To engage your cat’s inner hunter, toss them a Dezi & Roo Wiggly Ball or use a From the Field Freddy Feather Wand for hours of fun.

Remember, mental stimulation is fun. Take time to PLAY!

* This sheet is for basic technical information only. We encourage you to continue your own research on these subjects.

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