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  • Alzoo Natural Flea Collar

    Alzoo Natural Flea Collar

    As a leading provider of holistic pet products for over three decades, Alzoo is the only natural flea & tick line laboratory-tested and proven effective to repel pests, on your pet.  AB7's Polymer & Plastics Specialist spent 3 years developing its unique polymer-based diffusing COLLARS for dogs and cats that delivers all natural and continuous protection for months.  ALZOO provides effective protection.  No harmful chemicals!  Why use risky synthetic chemical collars or spot-ons when natural alternatives are available?  In 2008 over 40,000 incidents were reported involving usage of synthetic chemical insecticides on pets. Why take a chance?  ALZOO is an excellent alternative and it's more affordable!

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  • Four Paws Comfort Control Harness

    Four Paws Comfort Control Harness

    The Four Paws Comfort Control Harness is comfortable for small dogs to wear with complete control for the owner.

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  • The Comfy Cone

    The Comfy Cone

    Now you can do something nice for man’s best friend with the Comfy Cone, a healing halo of love! The Comfy Cone e-collar, the soft cone shaped e-collar for dogs and cats, has many ways to help!

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