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  • High Roller Plus

    Cycle Dog High Roller Plus Ball

    The Cycle Dog High Roller Plus Ball has treat spokes that can hide bully sticks, kibble, hard treats and more.  It is made from Ecolast Post-Process Recycled Material and is made in the USA.  The High Roller Plus ball has an erratic bounce and unique shape to create more fun for your dog.  The High Roller Plus Ball also floats above the water surface.

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  • IQ Treat Ball

    OurPet’s IQ Treat Ball

    Smarter Toys  =  Smarter Dogs! In nature, dogs have to forage for their food.  The IQ Treat Ball allows dogs to work for their food and, in the process, gain healthy mental and physical stimulation.  Essentially, the toys allow dogs to be dogs, feeding their instincts. The IQ Treat Ball features an insert that allows you to adjust the difficulty, determining how hard your dog has to work to get treats out of the ball!

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  • Double-Tuff

    Planet Dog Orbee Double-Tuff Ball

    Double stuff the Double-Tuff. We double-dog dare you! Inspired by our extra tough Diamond Plate balls, the Double-Tuff is made from the same doggie-durable, bouncy, buoyant and mint-scented Orbee-Tuff® material. Its asymmetrical “doubled” design makes for amazingly unpredictable bounces, making it a toy that can stimulate a dog mentally much more than a standard fetch toy.

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  • Orbee Guru

    Planet Dog Orbee Guru

    The Orbee Guru is an ultra-durable interactive toy features 5 different openings to hide treats. Once treats are buried in the openings dogs will have to chew, squeeze and work to release them. This toy is designed to release treats only when the dog has applied enough pressure for them to pop out! The texture of the Orbee GuRu ball is gentle on dog’s gums as they furiously work to get a strong enough grip to release treats. Orbee GuRu scores a 5 out of 5 on the Durability Scale. Fill each opening with something different or load it up with your dog’s favorite treat. Works great with kibble, bully sticks, carrots, apples, Planet Dog Treats, peanut butter, or whatever else your dog goes crazy for!

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  • Lil Snoop

    Planet Dog Orbee Lil Snoop

    Our award-winning, best-selling interactive is now available in a smaller 4-inch size. The Lil Snoop works exactly like the original but is sized specifically for smaller pups. This treat dispensing puzzle toy keeps dogs engaged, drives brain stimulation and helps promote self-play. Simply pop out the neck, fill with dog’s favorite treat, pop neck closed, put it on the ground and watch pups work to figure out how to get the treats out. You can make the game easier or harder simply by the size of the treats you use, it’s up to you how hard they have to work.

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  • Mazee

    Planet Dog Orbee Mazee

    The Orbee-Tuff® Mazee is clearly engaging, clearly rewarding, and clearly fun! This interactive puzzle toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size. The translucent and pliable Orbee-Tuff® outer shell combined with the harder inner maze activates several of the dog's senses - they can hear, see and smell the treats while they solve the puzzle. Stuff with Planet Dog Treats and enjoy!

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  • Snoop

    Planet Dog Orbee Snoop

    The multiple award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Snoop challenges the brain in fun and stimulating ways. Snoop is translucent and squishy with a deep crevice that conceals the treasure. Filled with treats, dogs will pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward. This interactive puzzle toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size. For extra credit, insert any 2.5" Orbee-Tuff® Nook (also stuffed with treats) for a double puzzle. Stuff with Planet Dog Treats and enjoy!

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  • Qwizl

    West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl

    BUILT FOR TOUGH CHEWERS.  This award-winning toy was brilliantly designed to extend the life of expensive dog treats while keeping dogs busy. The side openings release scent and taste while the continuous interior hole allows treats to extend out. Flexible ridges grip multiple sizes of treats. One of West Paw's toughest dog toys, Qwizl is also fun to toss, fetch, and chew even after the treats are gone. Curved shape makes toy easy for dogs to hold in place with paws.

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