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  • Bone-A-Mints All Natural Dental Bones

    Bone-A-Mints All Natural Dental Bones

    Bone-A-Mints All Natural Dental Bones helps remove plaque, tartar and freshens breath for unbeatable Triple Action Cleaning Power. These delicious wheat, corn, and soy-free breath freshening bones are highly soluble, and break down quickly in the gut, therefore reducing the risk of blockage of the intestines and esophagus.

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  • Plaque Busters

    Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters

    The very popular Crumps' Naturals Plaque Busters, with Oyster! The perfect combination of North American sweet potato mixed with finely ground oyster shells and coconut oil. This is a healthy way to help clean your dog's teeth while giving them the vitamins and minerals of sweet potato and the irresistible flavor of bacon during chewing sessions. A fantastic way to encourage great dental health and promote great dental hygiene and feed dog's natural chewing instinct. This dental treat provides great nutrition including beta-carotene, is grain-free and limited ingredients all while cleaning your dog's teeth. It is a wholesome treat packed with vitamins and minerals which include Vitamin A, B6, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin and Calcium. Every Crumps' Naturals Treats encourages better pet health with all-natural healthy ingredients to aid in digestion, vitamin absorption, decrease allergy issues, promote vibrant skin and coat, promote healthy gums and teeth and a healthy immune system.

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  • QT Dog Buffalo Hornz

    QT Dog Buffalo Hornz

    All dogs will enjoy chewing on a long lasting, unique treat. QT Dog Buffalo Hornz provide great taste and health benefits for dogs. They are 100% natural and come from free range, grass fed animals. They're high in protein and promote healthy teeth and gums for your dog. A tasty chew that your dog will love!

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  • QT Dog ChurpiChews

    QT Dog ChurpiChews

    Hard and long lasting, QT Dog ChurpiChews are the perfect treat for your dog! Dogs are attracted to the slight scent of cheese that ChurpiChews naturally emanate. QT Dog ChurpiChews soften slightly as dogs work them making a long lasting, low-fat, cheesy experience that they love.

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  • RedBarn Naturals Braided Bully Sticks

    RedBarn Naturals Braided Bully Sticks

    Dog lovers know that dogs absolutely LOVE bully sticks, so if you're looking for a tasty treat with a twist, then try Redbarn Naturals Braided Bully Sticks! These bully sticks are natural beef muscles, braided and then roasted in their natural juices to a crunchy texture. Highly palatable, braided bully sticks become chewy when wet, and help to keep teeth clean.

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  • RedBarn Naturals Pig Snouts

    RedBarn Naturals Pig Snouts

    RedBarn Naturals Pig Snouts are roasted to enhance their natural flavor. They are is highly palatable and sure to please. As with any other treat your dog will spend time chewing, they will also help promote your dog's dental health.

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  • Sams Yams

    Sams Yams Natural Dental Treats for Dogs

    Front Porch Pets is dedicated to providing your dog with an excellent alternative to commercial dog chews and treats. All of Sams Yams are made from USA grown orange fleshed, sweet potato (though sometimes you may find them labeled as "yams" at the grocery store.) These chews and treats are highly nutritious and excellent for your dog's teeth and health.

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  • Bully Sticks

    The Natural Dog Company Bully Sticks

    Chewing is a natural dog instinct that provides stimulation, improves canine dental health and helps relieve anxiety. Bully Sticks provide an excellent way to give your pet a long lasting chew that is fully digestible and supports dental health.  The Natural Dog Company uses all natural ingredients and uses a vertical drying process to help with the normal beef pizzle stink.

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  • Whimzees Alligator Dog Treats

    Whimzees Alligator Dog Treats

    Now your dog’s dream of catching an alligator can come true! Made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew.

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