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  • Animal Essentials Detox Blend

    Animal Essentials Detox Blend

    Animal Essentials Detox Blend is an herbal tincture used to gently assist the body in correcting chronic skin problems and other imbalances that may be related to liver dysfunction or poor waste elimination.  It contains organic burdock root, dandelion, milk thistle seed, red clover, alfalfa, and licorice root.

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  • Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium

    Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium

    Animal Essentials' Calcium is a natural calcified red seaweed (Lithothamnium sp.) that contains a wide variety of essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc.  It is harvested from the seabed off the coast of Iceland, where each batch is cleaned, heat processed and tested for purity by an analytical laboratory.

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  • Animal Essentials Senior Support

    Animal Essentials Senior Support

    Senior Support is an excellent herbal tincture that offers internal balance to older and debilitated pets. It has the ability to strengthen the functions in the nervous, digestive, circulatory, and immune systems.

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  • Super Immune

    Animal Essentials Super Immune

    Super Immune is an all natural way to help boost the immune system.  A properly functioning immune system enables the body to maintain optimum health, easily fight off unwanted infections, and keep the body balanced and functioning properly.  Super Immune provides a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity that is useful against various types of bacterial, fungal and viral infections, including kennel cough, all while maintaining the digestive flora.  It was designed for two reasons, to keep the immune system healthy, using Echinacea and ginseng, and to fight off unwanted infections, through olive leaf.

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  • berry balance

    Berry Balance

    Berry Balance is a natural cranberry and blueberry extract powder with vitamin C, to help support the healthy functioning of the urinary tract.

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  • Bixbi Immunity

    Bixbi Immunity

    Elderly and ailing pets need immune support to stay healthy and strong as they move through their golden years. As early as middle age, a pet's immune system begins to weaken, leaving them vulnerable to sickness and infection. Bixbi Immunity is an all-natural product that helps your pet's immune system do what it's suppose to do-fight off disease! This amazing supplement kicks your pet's immune system into hyper drive giving them the support desperately needed to maintain health!.

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  • Grizzly Salmon Oil

    Grizzly Salmon Oil

    Grizzly Salmon Oil is an all-natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It has an easy to use pump so adding to food is a breeze.

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  • Herbsmith Clear AllerQi

    Herbsmith Clear Allerqi

    Herbsmith Clear AllerQi naturally cools skin and is recommended for dogs and cats with seasonal allergies. It is available in tablets or in powder form to easily add to food.

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  • Beef Bone Broth

    Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth

    Just add warm water to Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth to make a nourishing drink, pour over kibble to create as a delectable gravy, or use it to rehydrate an Honest Kitchen meal to make dinner even more richly flavorful.

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  • Cran-Tri-C

    Nature’s Farmacy Cran-Tri-C

    Cran-Tri-C is a product combines all Three Vitamin C types: Ester, Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid blended with Cranberry powder. (Cranberry provides a whole food base necessary to allow Cells to correctly utilize these C-vitamins).

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  • Digestive Enhancer

    Nature’s Farmacy Digestive Enhancer

    Nature's Farmacy Digestive Enhancer is a unique powdered blend of naturally occurring digestive bacteria, enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics to assist cats and dogs in getting more nutritional value from their food.

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  • Dogzymes Ultimate

    Nature’s Farmacy Dogzymes Ultimate

    Dogzymes Ultimate is their “Ultimate” Vitamin/Mineral/Amino Acid/Omega blend. Our new improved formula replaces the animal fat with Organic Coconut and Algal Oil making it the absolute best for Skin & Coat! Nature's Farmacy Dogzymes Ultimate is formulated to be the most outstanding supplement available for vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and essential amino acids with no preservatives or additives.

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