Earth Rated Bulk Pack


For pet owners who love Earth Rated bags but prefer a fragrance-free option, the Earth Rated Refill pack includes 8 rolls of 15 unscented bags which can be used on their own, or with our cute green dispenser. These bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while still being extra thick and tough!


Earth Rated Bulk Pack

Product Information: These 300 Earth Rated Bulk Pack bags are conveniently packaged on a single roll in a box made from recycled content that dispenses one bag at a time. Unscented, leak-proof and extra strong, they can hold any size poop and fit perfectly in your pantry.

Earth Rated Bulk Packs contain 300-Count Unscented Bags in one roll.

Don’t like carry used waste bags, check out the Alcott Essential Waste Carrier.

Additional Information:

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 1.7 × 5.2 × .18 in


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